In this post we’ll be meeting Mr Thomas Xerri, Director of Xerri’s Garden Centre and member of the Gozo Business Chamber, for a short interview as part of the #MakeYourVoiceHeard campaign.

When did you join the GBC and why?

I joined the GBC more than 10 years ago. Throughout all these years, I have always believed that the GBC worked diligently towards the wellbeing of local businesses. One of the main reasons why I elected to become a member is that members are always kept abreast with new developments and funding opportunities.


What are the benefits of being a member of the GBC?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of being a member of the GBC is that you always have a platform to voice your business concerns and ideas. In turn, you can trust the GBC to communicate this with authorities and policy makers.



What do you expect of the GBC in the future?

I expect the GBC to keep growing in members as strength in numbers can only make our voice stronger. Based on past performances, I fully trust the GBC to keep working tirelessly to sustainably safeguard Gozo’s business community.

Why should other businesses join?

Nothing is more powerful than a group of people working together, and nothing more empowering than having likeminded people surround you as these can understand, inspire, and support you. I believe that Gozitan businesses should be members of the GBC so together we can have a stronger, more audible, voice for local companies.


Become a member of the GBC today. Make your voice heard. Click here to download membership form.

The #MakeYourVoiceHeard campaign is an initiative that is being supported by the Ministry for Gozo NGO Assistance Scheme, a funding programme for voluntary organisations on the island of Gozo.