The European Commission publishes its report on the Economic and Social Situation of Gozo

In accordance with Declaration 36 on the island region of Gozo annexed to the Treaty of Accession of Malta, the Government of Malta requested in February 2019 the Commission to report to the Council on the economic and social situation of Gozo and, in particular, on the disparities of the social and economic development levels between Gozo and Malta and to propose appropriate measures, to enable the further integration of Gozo within the internal market.

This report assesses the state of development of Gozo and the evolution of disparities within Malta. It provides an assessment by reviewing recent trends on a series of dimensions and indicators relevant for the development of Gozo, i.e. demography and labour market, structure of the economy and economic growth, geography and accessibility. The paper also provides a comparison of Gozo with the rest of Malta and with other European regions. Finally, it analyses how Cohesion policy addresses the development needs of Gozo.

The full report can be downloaded through the following link.