The Gozo Business Chamber submitted its response to a Consultation document issued by the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) – National Strategy for the Environment 2050 – A Draft for Public Consultation.

The Chamber notes with satisfaction this document which outlines clear actions for Gozo, and therefore adopts a regional approach. It also tries to involve stakeholders at all levels and sets out the complex context in which this strategy needs to be implemented. An important approach that has been adopted for this strategy is that it inks with other national strategies that have been developed, thus ensuring a joined-up approach. The integrated and joined-up approach adopted throughout the whole strategy is to be commended.

Overall this document diverts from many other documents in that from a policy perspective it integrates the outcome and efforts of other national entities and their respective policy documents and actions. It also calls for joined-up efforts across multiple governmental entities. The document also has an important regional perspective which should be continued to be developed further with the input of all stakeholders concerned

You can find the Gozo Business Chamber’s response to this consultation below: