On the 19th January the President of the Chamber and INSULEUR, Joseph Borg participated as a panelist in the conference ‘Islands as Frontrunners in the Sustainable Transition of the Mediterranean and Beyond’ in Athens, being organised by the Greening the Islands Foundation in partnership with Circle the Med Forum.

The Forum was introduced by George Kremlis, Director of EC  and member of the Board of the EPLO, President of its Circular Economy and Climate Change Institute, Hellenic Republic.  The first session of the Forum discussed mega projects to accelerate the energy transition of the Mediterranean, and how islands through these initiatives can lead the way.  Main challenges and opportunities were also identified.  The second session discussed how islands can be front runners in the way sustainable tourism can contribute to the circular economy.  Apart from Joseph Borg other members on the panel included Abigail Cutajar, advisor within the Ministry for Environment, Energy and the Regeneration of the Grand Harbour; Claudia Guzzon, executive secretary of the islands commission within the CPMR; Iyad Kayali, from the Green Destinations Foundation; Evangelos Bekiaris, Director Hellenic Institute of Transport; and Dimitris Ibrahim, senior portfolio manager from Green Peace International.

In his intervention Joseph Borg commented that: “we believe that especially in the context of circular economy and sustainable development, islands have to be considered as the ideal laboratories; the places where new policies and new initiatives are tried out; islands which become test-beds.”

You can see the agenda of the event here.