Our dear Marlene passed away this morning. It is a really sad loss for us all. Marlene was a kind and generous heart, passionate in all that she did. She was the one that motivated us to always try to go beyond our limitations, to always try to achieve more. Throughout these years she developed the Europe Direct Office at the Chamber providing leadership and vision in her role. However, it is the qualities of the person that will remain with us, those early talks in the morning, which were really motivational talks, and her vision of what we are going to do next. That was Marlene, and that is how we want to remember her. Up till these past few weeks she was still involving herself despite us telling her to rest!

These past months were a roller coaster of emotions always hoping that she will get better. However, it was not to be. Fly high dear Marlene!

You can watch a tribute video to Marlene Muscat here.