MICE in Gozo Scheme 2020 – Restoring and upgrading venues with the Capacity to host MICE events in Gozo

The Ministry for Gozo has launched the scheme re ‘MICE in Gozo Scheme 2020 – Restoring and upgrading venues with the Capacity to host MICE events in Gozo’.

The objective of this scheme which is open to both private undertakings and voluntary organisations, is that of restoring and upgrading venue facilities to enhance the capabilities of hosting qualitative MICE events.

All the details relating to this scheme can be accessed through the following link:

Restoring and Upgrading Venues with the Capacity to host MICE Events in Gozo 2020.

Eligibility of the project is based on the following criteria:

  • the completion of the project shall ensure a minimum seating-capacity of 150 persons
  • The Venue should also ensure that other facilities that complement standard MICE-event hosting are to be also included in the layout.
  • Submitted plans at Planning Authority have been approved in their entirety and Order to Start Works obtained.
  • A bill of quantities pertaining to the works and signed by the representative Architect of the project is to be submitted.
  • A signed estimate by the representative Architect that provides financial costs relating to the restoration works which may include also materials, and an estimate figure of the purchase of technological equipment such as projectors, audio-visual, and air-conditioning.
  • Projects that are ongoing shall also be eligible should all the criteria set in these Guidelines be met.
  • Completed projects will not be considered as eligible.
  • Entities that have already submitted plans at the Planning Authority and are pending the necessary approvals, are eligible to apply for this scheme. Should there be no issuance of approval by the PA, the application shall not be accepted by the Ministry.
  • The application should include works divided into phases which shall be considered as baselines for payments. Each project should not have more than 3 phases.
  • The necessary measures have been taken to ensure that the venue is finally certified by CRPD in terms of the accessibility of the facilities.
  • A signed declaration by the beneficiary shall be provided to ensure that the scope of the venue shall remain to host MICE events for the minimum of 5 years.

Deadline for submission of applications is the 23rd October 2020.