On Friday 22nd March, the Gozo Business Chamber in collaboration Weave Consulting and Bank of Valletta, organised a webinar on ‘ESG for SMEs’.

ESG principles, which stand for Environmental, Social, and Governance, can benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in various ways. Implementing ESG practices can enhance sustainability, improve risk management, and contribute to long-term success. ESG principles can help SMEs through: (a) Improved reputation and brand value; (b) access to capital; (c) risk mitigation; (d) operational efficiency; (e) regulatory compliance; (f) market access and differentiation: (g) stakeholder engagement; (h) long-term resilience; (i) innovation opportunities; and (j) talent attraction and retention.  In summary, integrating ESG principles into business practices can bring numerous benefits to SMEs, ranging from financial advantages to enhanced stakeholder relationships and long-term resilience.

This webinar examined the importance of adhering to ESG criteria, but also why this is important from a banking perspective.  Dr Roberta Lepre (Weave Consulting); and Clint Flores (Head ESG at Bank of Valletta) were the main speakers during the event.

The agenda can be accessed here.

You can access the presentations and interventions here:

The recording of the webinar can be accessed here.