On the  23 February 2022 the Gozo Business Chamber held its  Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Queen Mary University Campus in Victoria, Gozo.  The introductory part was dedicated to the commemoration of the memory of Marlene Muscat, former EUROPE DIRECT manager who passed away in November of last year.  The Chamber is the host structure of this office.  Daniel Borg highlighted the crucial role of Marlene Muscat in the set-up of this office as we know it today.

An important part of the Annual General Meeting is the presentation of the annual administrative report by the  Chief Executive Officer of the Gozo Business Chamber Daniel  Borg.  In his introductory remarks Daniel Borg highlighted that  the Chamber will continue to support the green agenda and digitalisation and that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we  “not only need to work  towards diversifying the Gozitan economy, but that we also need to move forward in those areas that are considered as traditional sectors.”  He mentioned as an example  tourism.    In his presentation the Chief Executive Officer focused specifically on the work done by the Chamber on digitalisation and the green economy, not only nationally but also internationally.  He continued that as the country is on the brink of a general general election the business community  needs to understand that regulation must be targeted towards all those segments which are required, and not only those aspects which suit the business community.  Within this context comes in  the responsibility  of the “commercial community to see that its gains are sustainable and just,  but also that of the politician to  legislate not for one electoral term but for the long term future.”

During each AGM the Chamber also presents a topic of interest to its members.  This year Colonel Mark Said from Transport Malta presented the potential application of a rural airfield for Gozo.  Interventions during this year’s AGM featured also Hon Dr Chris Said, spokesman of the Opposition for Gozo, and the intervention of Hon Clint Camilleri, Minister for Gozo which was read by  Ronald Sultana, Director Tourism and Economic Development, within the same Ministry.

Joseph Borg, President of the Gozo Business Chamber closed the Annual General Meeting.  In his speech he highlighted the importance of  protecting the environment, a topic on which the Chamber has worked consistently in the past period.    He remarked how the Chamber will continue to  insist on “sustainable development for the island of Gozo, development which makes good use of the land and takes into consideration the recycling of waste, the impact of climate change, and the protection of biodiversity, and the cultural heritage of our island, sustainable economy, and green energy.”

He also remarked that the Chamber will continue to work on fostering good ethical conduct among the business community.  This was a commitment that the Chamber took on the celebration of its 20th year anniversary.  The Chamber is already working towards the organisation of a second event to be organised this year.  Joseph Borg referred to his intervention made during the event on ethics in business organised last year where he highlighted how “labelling all business people as corrupt because of the behaviour of a small number of business people is not acceptable. Instead we should be answering questions such as: What is leading society to accept certain forms of behaviour, without any ethical consideration?  What is motivating us to do business? How do we act to achieve business models that benefit the common good”.

The agenda for the meeting can be downloaded from here.

The Annual Report for 2021 by the CEO, Daniel Borg, can be downloaded from here.

The speech by the President of the Chamber Joseph Borg, can be downloaded from here.

The Gozo Business Chamber Annual General Meeting was also featured on the programme ‘Għawdex Illum’. You can watch the feature from here.

Photo Credits: Courtesy Ministry for Gozo.