The Gozo Business Chamber (GBC) has today published its budgetary proposals. The proposals being formulated by the Chamber are based on an attentive analysis of the Gozitan economy which is presently over reliant on certain sectors such as tourism, construction, and real estate.

The GBC’s budgetary proposals focus on four main areas: transport and connectivity, public infrastructure, sustainability, and initiatives targeted towards the establishment of a digital sector in Gozo.  This is also in line with Government’s vision for Gozo as outlined in its 2021 pre-budget document, where it is highlighted that the Government’s vision for the region is that of “securing an innovative, rejuvenated and connected island that delivers social and economic prosperity for all, while at the same time conserving its unique, rural and cultural characteristics” (p.62).

The measures proposed here in no way diminish the economic recovery initiatives implemented throughout the past months, and the Government should continue to monitor the situation to assess their impact and continuation where necessary.  To this end the Chamber is publishing in its budgetary proposals document a survey it conducted  between the 9th and 14th September which analyses the situation of business enterprises in Gozo, due to the impact of the COVID-19, and the impact of the Government measures.  The Chamber is also publishing a list of proposals put forward by the respondents to the survey.  These provide a useful insight with specific relevance to certain Government measures which may need to be realigned to have a more relevant impact.

To access the complete document, click the following link: Re-thinking our economy – GBC Budgetary Proposals – 2021