The Gozo Business Chamber is putting forward its proposals for the 2022 budget.  These proposals are being formulated based on a long-term sustainable economic vision for Gozo, which primary objective should be that of diversifying the Gozitan economy, taking into consideration however the essential needs of Gozo’s society and economy.  For this reason the Gozo Business Chamber is putting forward a number of proposals formulated on an analysis of the Gozitan economy and its needs, and which are focused on a number of pillars:

  • Ensuring that Development is Sustainable
  • The Green Economy and Digitalisation
  • Agriculture
  • Transport and Connectivity
  • Infrastructure

To access the complete document, click the following link: Ensuring a more Sustainable Future – GBC Budgetary Proposals – 2022

You can access a presentation of the budgetary proposals here: GBC Budgetary Proposals – 2022