The Gozo Business Chamber (GBC) successfully concluded a series of public speaking workshops for young people across Gozo, equipping them with valuable communication skills to become active citizens.

This initiative forms part of the GBC’s “What’s In It For Me?” project, co-funded by the European Parliament. The project addresses two distinct groups: young people and parents with young children. It aims to empower the former with the skills necessary to be changemakers and active citizens, and parents with younger children to actively participate in the European Parliament elections on the 8th of June, 2024.

The workshops, led by renowned trainer Mr. Paul Gauci B.A. (Hons); M.Ed.(Trg & Dvpt), targeted Gozitan scout groups, the Gozo College Ninu Cremona Secondary School, and the Sacred Heart Minor Seminary Gozo. A veteran in the industry, Mr. Gauci provided participants with practical techniques for crafting presentations, delivering impactful messages, and managing public speaking anxieties.

At the end of each training session, students were invited to showcase their newly acquired skills through presentations. Leaders and teachers in attendance were impressed by the students’ clarity, confidence, and enthusiasm in tackling their chosen topics.

“This training equips young changemakers with the necessary skills to advocate for their ideas and inspire action,” said GBC CEO Mr. Daniel Borg. “By fostering public speaking skills, we are laying the groundwork for a generation of young leaders actively engaged in shaping their communities and the future of Europe. We are excited to see these young changemakers leverage their newfound skills to make a positive impact in Gozo and beyond.”

Through this initiative, the GBC is empowering young people to become active participants in the democratic process. Democracy thrives when citizens participate. When young people can confidently express their ideas and concerns, they become more invested in the decisions that shape their world. This fosters a sense of civic responsibility and encourages them to not only vote, but to also hold elected officials accountable.

With strong communication skills, young people can become powerful advocates for issues they care about – an element that stood out during the students’ closing presentations. They can inspire others to get involved, mobilise communities around important causes, and ultimately, contribute to a more vibrant and responsive democracy – the most valuable investment we can make, for the future of our islands and of Europe.