The Gozo Business Chamber submitted its response to a Consultation document issued by the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise on Malta’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2050.

The five strategic goals set are the following:

  1. Transitioning Towards a Climate-Neutral Green and Blue Economy;
  2. Towards the Preservation of Sustainable Urban Development and Cultural Heritage;
  3. Ensuring Health Lives and Well-being for all;
  4. Accelerating Digital Transformation, Smart Mobility and Connectivity;
  5. Achieving Social Fairness and Prosperity for al

The Chamber notes with satisfaction the publication of the consultation document, and agrees with the overarching considerations of this strategy. However, it is important that within this context Gozo’s particular situation is taken into account, both when it comes to those deficiencies that need to be addressed, but also to those positive elements that would position Gozo to contribute in an effective manner to the targets being set by this strategy being achieved at a national level. In its feedback the Gozo Business Chamber emphasised the need for a regional approach to be adopted in order to ensure that Gozo can contribute effectively to the reaching of the national targets.

You can find the Gozo Business Chamber’s response to this consultation below: