The Gozo Business Chamber submitted its response to a Consultation document issued by the Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds – Public ​Co​nsul​tation Document Cohesion Fund, Just Transition Fund, European Regional Development Fund​

It is important to note that the document recognizes Gozo’s peripherality and lack of accessibility  which results in limited employment opportunities and curtails business activity (p. 6).  It also important to note that 10% of Cohesion Policy Funds, and Agricultural Funds are being earmarked for Gozo, and that all the investment under Priority 5 will be targeted towards Gozo’s sustainable urban development  (p.29).

This is reiterated in Priority 5 which focuses on fostering sustainable urban development in Gozo.  In this regard it is important to note that this priority will focus on the actions that will emanate from Gozo’s Regional Development Strategy.

In this regard however, it is important to note that we must not only view Gozo for its physical limitation but for what it can contribute at a national level.  Nonetheless accessibility is key in this regard, and any studies to be conducted with respect to improving accessibility on the island such as studies related to the permanent link and the expansion of the port of Mġarr should be pursued.

The development of onshore power supply (p.60) must also be seen as a possibility for the Mġarr harbour, more so if Gozo Channel starts introducing hybrid vessels as is being projected.