The Gozo Business Chamber submitted its response to the consultation on the ‘Draft national Policy for Electric Vehicle Public Charging Infrastructure‘.

The Chamber welcomes the proposed policy document within the overall endeavour to encourage a greater uptake of electric vehicles. It is positive to note that the inter-operability factor is being adequately taken into consideration and catered for. As reiterated in its feedback on the proposed regulations relating to public infrastructure access points it is to be ensured that there is an equitable distribution of public charging pillars.

However, is also important to take into consideration tourism density. Also, since the accommodation in Gozo is based on self-catering units one needs to taken into consideration the distribution of these units. To this end the Government might consider a form of public service obligation to ensure an equitable distribution of the network, especially if a particular operator achieves market dominance.

You can find the Gozo Business Chamber’s response to this consultation below: