Re-Opening of Business Activities

On the 18 May the Government announced the re-opening of a number of business activities as from Friday 22 May. The Government has published a number of regulations outlining how these activities can be re-opened. The regulations published include those for:

(i)  hairdressers and barbers ‘Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Hair Salons  and Barbers’;

(ii)  beauticians – ‘Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Beauticians’;

(iii)  nail technicians and nail artists ‘Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Nail Technicians and Nail Artists’;

(iv)  outdoor theatre, outdoor cinema, drive-in cinema  –  ‘Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Drive-in cinemas, Outdoor Cinemas, Outdoor Theatres’;

(v)  accommodation establishments; catering establishments; outdoor establishments; beaches, beach establishments, and beach concessions‘Re-Opening Malta’s Tourism Infastructure – Procedure to re-introduce Operations on the Principles of Social Distancing, Enhanced Hygienic Practices and Minimised Infection Risks’.

The Government has also published updated measures for retail outlets and lotto booths. These can be accessed on the following link.