Eurochambres has just published its position paper on the proposed increase in taxation in aviation and maritime fuel (attached).  Through its position Eurochambres is reiterating the position already taken by INSULEUR (the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry) on the subject, mainly that the increase will jeopardise the already precarious situation of airlines and maritime carriers, and rendering more expensive travelling especially to peripheral regions such as islands.  The following excerpts from Eurochambres’s position paper show the disproportionate impact the EU Commission’s proposal will have on islands:

The increase in transport costs have a higher disproportional impact on citizens and businesses located in peripheral member states, island states and island regions, with an adverse impact on economic and social cohesion in the EU.

The situation is particularly threatening for island states and island regions, which are permanently disconnected from mainland Europe with not even the possibility of using rail or road transport.

The Gozo Business Chamber had an important role in the drafting of INSULEUR’s position paper which was also forwarded to Eurochambres.  This is because tourism is an important part of our local economy.  It is crucial that as an organisation we take note not only of local developments but also of international developments which affect our islands.  Though numbers are still low, and though Gozo is presently relying significantly on domestic tourism, it is important that Gozo continues to increase its share of foreign inbound tourism.  Nonetheless, there must be the conditions for this to happen.

This is why the Gozo Business Chamber felt the importance to contribute to the debate that is happening at an EU level.

One can access the position paper by clicking here.