Post COVID-19: Policy and Strategic Document

The Gozo Business Chamber has formulated a ‘Post COVID-19: Strategic and Policy Document’

This document which was formulated after extensive consultation with the Gozo Business Chamber’s members, and research, outlines how we need to look beyond this crisis.

While the impact of this crisis has been significant, it presents an important opportunity to look beyond the present and reshape our future in a better and more sustainable way.

In any crisis, the effects on the island of Gozo are more extensive because of its double insularity. The lack of diversification of the Gozitan economy, and its dependence on the tourism sector has not helped. However, the present moment can be an important turning point for our society.

The document examines key sectors of the Gozitan economy specifically: (a) a clear and focused digital strategy for Gozo; (b) the Financial Sector; (c) a Tourism Strategy for Gozo; (d) important capital projects and major initiatives for Gozo; (e) construction and real estate; (f) the agricultural, fisheries and artisanal sectors; (g) sustainability; (h) the manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors; and (i) the banking sector.

This document was presented to the Government, and can be accessed through the following link.