We refer you to the new measures being introduced by the Department of Health for your perusal.  To this end kindly find the link to the press release issued by the Department of Health (in Maltese):


Basically through these measures which are effective as from today:

  • Only seated patrons will be allowed in establishments;
  • Discos and nightclubs will be completely closed;
  • Bars and clubs will be closed, except for those that include restaurants.  In these places only seated patrons can be served.  Moreover, seated patrons will not be allowed to order drinks only.
  • Boat parties are not allowed.

As from today public gatherings of more than 15 persons will not be allowed in public places.  This measure will not apply to churches, sacred places, and funerals as these are already regulated through their own protocols.

Weddings will be an exceptions for these new measures, except that as from Friday 28 August only sit-down weddings will be allowed.  Dancing will not be allowed during weddings.  The restrictions that were announced on the number of guests will continue to apply.

The obligatory use of masks will apply in all enclosed public places (except for restaurants who have to follow separate rules), and fines will be imposed on those who do not follow this measure.  It is being recommended that the mask is worn in places where it is difficult to keep social distancing, even if there are less than 15 persons.