The Ministry for Gozo launched 2 new schemes as an incentive for the tourism industry in Gozo.
The first scheme, ‘Supporting Marketing Initiatives for Specific Tourism Markets in Gozo’ is an incentive scheme to assist businesses in Gozo to promote niche tourism market. The objective is to promote and kindle investment in particular niches markets, mainly through marketing campaigns, while at the same time promoting Gozo as a destination. For more information on this scheme, click here 👉
The second scheme is ‘Supporting the Adventurous Tourism Industry in Gozo through Hiring Equipment Refund Scheme’. The objective is to incentivise private operators within the Adventure Tourism Niche to continue investing in sustainable, modern, and up-to-standard equipment, while also increasing their capacity. This scheme provides operators within this niche a partial cash grant to stimulate further investment in eco-friendly and zero-emissions equipment that is hired to client. For more information on this scheme, click here 👉