His Excellency George Vella, President of Malta, and his wife Miriam Vella visited the offices of the Gozo Business Chamber.  In a cordial meeting that the President had with representatives of the Gozo Business Chamber, various themes were discussed, including the need to diversify the Gozitan economy, with specific focus on the digital and green economy.  These sectors offer significant potential to pave they way for sustainable economic development on the island.  Gozo, similarly to other islands is dependent on tourism.  The pandemic has shown the need to diversify the Gozitan economy in other sectors which can offer good opportunities of employment on the island, without in any way impacting negatively on the environment.  The President of the Chamber Joseph Borg highlighted that focusing on the green and digital economy can create good quality jobs in Gozo, which can have a lasting effect.

The Chamber also had the opportunity to discuss the importance of protecting the environment.  The Chamber reiterated that any development which happens in Gozo needs to be in such a way that it enriches the surrounding environment.  The Chamber also showed its concerns on the present development taking place.  It is important to protect Gozo, for it to remain a distinctive and attractive destination.