INSULEUR – General Assembly

The Gozo Business Chamber has today participated in the General Assembly of INSULEUR (the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union) which was held for the first time virtually given the current limitations imposed by the COVID-19.  The Assembly of INSULEUR was held after the webinar organised by the Greening the Islands Foundation in partnership with INSULEUR, and was titled ‘Island Tourism & the Pandemic from a Global Perspective – Helping islands to elaborate tourism recovery plans’.  The Webinar discussed the impact of tourism on islands.  George Asonitis spoke on behalf of INSULEUR during the webinar.

During his initial address to the General Assembly, Joseph Borg (President of INSULEUR) highlighted how:

“The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought havoc in the businesses of our islands but as islanders we must see this pandemic as an opportunity rather than the disaster it is. Let us all firmly believe that positivity could and should be the rule of the day.”

He also highlighted how:

“As I see things our islands must march forward on a binary trail that of an economic model which focuses on the digital transformation of our islands and by making our islands more sustainable through a circular economic model.”

Michael Galea, Vice President of INSULEUR and the Gozo Business Chamber, outlined some aspects of Gozo’s economy and the efforts being conducted towards diversification.  He also outlined the Chamber’s efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally he highlighted the Chamber’s initiatives during the INSULEUR Presidency mainly its work towards:

  1. Strengthening cooperation among network members to render Insuleur more relevant for its current and future members;
  2. Strengthening the network audience; and
  3. Ensuring that Insuleur has the necessary means and resources to operate.

You can download Joseph Borg’s initial and concluding address by clicking here. 

You can download Michael Galea’s intervention by clicking here.