Agenzija SAPPORT currently manages an EU co-funded project through the European Social Fund, called INK to integrate persons with disability in employment.

Through this project, Agenzija SAPPORT offers training to employers and staff willing to learn more on working and interacting with persons with disability on the job. Topics include benefits / legal obligations of hiring persons with disabilities, services available to assist companies in the recruitment process and discussions regarding concerns. The training is free of charge and a certification is given to those who complete the four-hour training, which can be organised at your offices

As Employers, you are also being invited to participate in this project by offering work placements of a maximum of 20 weeks on part-time basis. Placements provide you with a unique opportunity to understand what is required when employing a person with disability, and whether the role is well suited for both parties concerned. Placements are paid through the INK project.

Additionally, Job Coaches together with Social Mentors will provide job shadowing, where INK members will  work closely with both participants and employers to ensure a smooth integration of clients into the workforce and address any issues that might arise at the place of work.

If you are interested in knowing more about INK Project, kindly contact Ruth Micallef via email on or via telephone on 2256 8000 and ask for the INK Project.

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