The Gozo Business Chamber in collaboration with Bank of Valletta organised a webinar on Women in Entrepreneurship and Business on the 11 March 2021 at 14:00 hrs.

The role of women entrepreneurs and in business in today’s society is becoming more and more important.  Today entrepreneurship is considered as an important tool in “promoting women’s empowerment” (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2019/2020 Global Report, p. 13).  The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2019/2020 highlights however how “gender disparities in entrepreneurship continue to deplete the stock of new businesses and reduce economic potential” (p. 17) What are the motivations, expectations and experiences of women in entrepreneurship or business?

On the occasion of the week, during which international women’s day is celebrated, the Gozo Business Chamber, in collaboration with Bank of Valletta, organised a  webinar which discussed the experiences of four women (Elaine Camilleri, Alda Bugeja, Marie Grech, Victoria Azzopardi), who are entrepreneurs and/or in business, providing useful insights of the difficulties faced, and what it means today to be a woman in their respective role.

You can view the whole webinar on the following link.

The intervention by the President of the Gozo Business Chamber, Joseph Borg, can be accessed here.

The intervention by the CEO of the Gozo Business Chamber, Daniel Borg, can be accessed here.

This initiative was supported by the Ministry for Gozo NGO Assistance Scheme, a funding programme for Voluntary Organisations on the Island of Gozo.