Stress within Management Roles in COVID-19 times

The Gozo Business Chamber (GBC) organised its third webinar on Monday 25 May at 16:00 hrs.

Persons in headship and managerial positions have stressful jobs. At present, due to the Covid 19 situation, the stress has increased and has unique characteristics related to these extraordinary times. Dr Anton Grech discussed what is the nature of this stress and provided ways of how to deal with it.

Daniel Borg, CEO of the Gozo Business Chamber, introduced the webinar.  Joseph Borg, President of the GBC, made an introductory speech.

Daniel Borg, CEO of the Gozo Business Chamber commented that:

“Today’s subject matter was selected by the Chamber because of what we have experienced in the past months and weeks.  For me personally I can say that it has been an eye opener on various facets on what owning and managing a business really means, but especially on the human dimension of running a business.”

In his message Joseph Borg, President of the GBC, highlighted how:

“We have tried to sustain our members by lobbying in favour of economic help, by lobbying for the availability of liquidity, we are lobbying for new schemes that will aid business in post-covid times, but we cannot forget that beyond leading businesses, our members are also men and women that can feel frail, can be weak, in front of navigating the unchartered waters that this pandemic has brought about.”

You can download the interventions of the GBC representatives from here:


Stress within Management Roles in COVID-19 times

Stress within Management Roles in COVID-19 times

Gepostet von The Gozo Business Chamber am Montag, 25. Mai 2020




Dr Anton Grech is the clinical chairman of the Department of Psychiatry of the Ministry for Health. He has published in international psychiatric journals and presented and chaired in international psychiatric conferences. He is a member of various national boards and commissions. He believes a lot in using the media to educate on mental health, and for the last years in Malta he conducted radio and TV programmes on issues related to mental health, which broadcasting surveys repeatedly showed that have a very vast following by audiences.