On the  09 February 2023 the Gozo Business Chamber held its  Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Queen Mary University of London, Malta Campus in Victoria, Gozo.

The first part of the Annual General Meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the annual administrative report by the  Chief Executive Officer of the Gozo Business Chamber.  In his introductory remarks Daniel Borg highlighted that it is important to “acknowledge the Chamber’s work, not only as a voice for Gozo at a national level, but also at an international level.  The Chamber has worked relentlesslessly on issues which affect islands at an international level.  We are expanding into new areas of work. However, we need everyone’s efforts to sustain this work, and implement new initiatives.”  In his presentation, he outlined the Chamber’s work over the past year and its impetus on areas such as sustainable mobility, youth entrepreneurship, and ethics in business, and its work within INSULEUR (the Insular Chambers of Commerce of the European Union).  Here the Chamber provided an important contribution in INSULEUR’s position paper on the impact of the proposed taxes on aviation and maritime fuel, on islands.  In his concluding remarks, Daniel Borg said that an “organisation needs a vision to move forward, and I believe that we are together building this vision.  The Chamber needs to be capable to read the signs of the times, and adapt itself effectively to face today’s challenges.”

During each AGM the Chamber also presents a topic of interest to its members.  This year Mario Borg, CEO of the Gozo Regional Development Authority, delivered a presentation about the Authority and its work.  Interventions during this year’s AGM featured also Hon Dr Alex Borg, spokesman of the Opposition for Gozo, and the intervention of Hon Clint Camilleri, Minister for Gozo.

In his speech Joseph Borg, President of the Gozo Business Chamber, highlighted the importance of the Queen Mary University of London, Malta Campus (which was hosting this year’s AGM), the success of the medical school, and the impact it has had on Gozo. He remarked  that a new hospital is needed to complement the invaluable work being done by this university and that the privisation of Gozo’s medical health care facilities should in no way hamper the development of the health sector in Gozo, which should be at the same level as that of the island of Malta.

He also indicated that as a “Chamber of Commerce we are also interested in the quality of life of all those who work and reside in Gozo.  Because it is the quality of life which generates more business and work in Gozo. As a Chamber of Commerce, we have emphasised that we cannot implement the same planning policies in both Malta and Gozo.  Gozo has its own specificities and therefore the policies for Gozo need to be different.”  He also pointed out that Gozo has great potential in the area of renewable energy.  However, this needs to be complemented with a specific institute for research.  Ultimately Gozo needs to diversify and transform its economy.  Nonetheless, he concluded, this is not possible without the contribution of all the stakeholders.

The agenda for the meeting can be downloaded from here.

The Annual Report for 2022 by the CEO, Daniel Borg, can be downloaded from here.

The speech by the President of the Chamber Joseph Borg, can be downloaded from here.