Crowdfunding for Blue Economy Projects

Friday 23rd October 2020

CET 13:00 – 14:30hrs

Webinar organised by INSULEUR (Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union) assisted by the Gozo Business Chamber and Rethymno Development Agency, as part of the project entitled

‘Capacity Building of Blue Economy Stakeholders to Effectively use Crowdfunding’

The webinar will tackle crowdfunding in blue economy projects.  Dr Samuel Azzopardi and Matthew Caruana will be the main speakers during this free event.  Dr Samuel Azzopardi, representative on the Blue Economy for the European Committee of the Regions, and Matthew Caruana, business innovator, coach and mentor, who is presently manager of ZAAR, Malta’s leading crowdfunding platform will be the main speakers for this event.

The main scope of this webinar is to highlight the importance of the Blue Economy and to provide participants with the basic elements of crowdfunding as an important financing tool.

You can access the full agenda of the event together with the biography of the speakers here.

You can also register for this free event through the following link: Webinar Registration.