Creating Added Value for Businesses and NGOs through Digitalisation

The Gozo Business Chamber organised two sessions on ‘Creating Added Value for Businesses and NGOs through Digitalisation’.  This initiative was part of the project in which the Gozo Business Chamber is taking part through the Leader Programme (Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020) administered by the Gozo Action Group Foundation.  The measure targeted through this project is “Gozo in 21st Century Media”.  It involves the development of an ICT media platform for the valorisation of Gozitan lifestyle concept.

Ing Ruben Curmi, on behalf of Harbour Solutions (the project leader) delivered a presentation on the platform ‘Timeline Gozo’ that is being developed.  He highlighted how this is going to work, and also how businesses and NGOs in Gozo can benefit through their participation on this platform.  He highlighted the innovative approach being adopted in its development, and also how this will work, including the uploading of data, and both the mobile and desktop application.  Those present, which included both businesses and NGOs, had the opportunity to intervene.  A number of proposals were also put forward by those present, which will be incorporated in the development currently taking place.

In his introductory remarks, Daniel Borg, CEO of the Gozo Business Chamber, highlighted the changes brought about by digitalization, and how this was accelerated through the COVID-19 pandemic.  For businesses and NGOs on islands digitalization can help in bridging the gap on the difficulties relating to transportation, accessibility and communication.

You can access the introductory remarks here.