In this section one can find information regarding several schemes which offer a number of incentives specifically related to Gozitan based enterprises. Not all the incentives may apply to your business.  Moreover, this section is not intended to provide comprehensive information about each scheme.  It is thus suggested to follow the links, read the respective guidelines, and contact the respective entities for further information.

Malta Enterprise

Some incentives which are run by the Malta Enterprise are tweaked to cater for that extra support for business entities which are based in Gozo. Below are some incentives that are formulated to cater in a more advantageous way for Gozitan based enterprises:

  • Micro Invest –   A tax credit of 65% for Gozitan-based enterprises compared to 45% for Malta-based undertakings is provided. Undertakings established in Gozo and employ 50 or less Full Time, are entitled to a maximum amount of €70,000 over any period of three (3) consecutive years.  More information on this scheme can be accessed here.
  • Gozo Transport Grant Scheme – This measure supports manufacturing undertakings operating from Gozo by reducing the additional interisland transport cost incurred for transporting materials, goods and finished products between Malta and Gozo. This assistance serves to reduce the cost-disadvantages for manufacturers based in Gozo, rendering these businesses in a better position to compete effectively within the single market.  More information on this scheme can be accessed here.

Ministry for Gozo

A number of specific incentives for Gozo-based enterprises are also offered by the Ministry for Gozo. These are:

  • Gozo Employment Refund Scheme – through this scheme the government refunds up to €6,000 over a 3 year period for any new employee that is hired by the organisation given that this is established in Gozo.  Complete applications must be submitted by the 30th of November 2023 and recruitment must take place between 1st November 2020 and 30th November 2023.  The Gozo Employment Refund Scheme will consist of a partial reimbursement to employers, for the wage of each eligible employee given a minimum of a three-year contract. The reimbursement will be
    up to 30% of wage costs, with a maximum threshold of €6,000
     Click the following link for more information on this scheme: Gozo Employment Refund Scheme
  • Gozo Back Office Employment Refund scheme 2021 – this scheme will provide aid to Employers, in the form of partial reimbursement of salaries for full-time work, on a minimum three-year contract in (a) either of newly employed staff as from 1st March 2020, carrying out back office operations based in Gozo or (b) staff already employed with the undertaking but, as from 1st March 2020, carrying out back office operations based in Gozo.  The Employer must have a registered address in Gozo from where the back office operations take place.   The Employer cannot
    apply under the Gozo New Employment Refund Scheme for the same employee/s.  Complete applications must be submitted by the 30th of November 2023 and recruitment must take place by the same date. For more information please click here.
  • MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) in Gozo Scheme 2021 – The Beneficiary must either be an entity considered as a Voluntary Sector Organization or a Private Business entity that undertakes a project to restore and upgrade their venue facilities to enhance their capabilities of hosting qualitative MICE activities. These shall be entitled to financial grants subject to meeting the criteria set by these Guidance Notes. Complete applications must be submitted by 29th October 2021.  More information on this scheme can be accessed here.
  • Gozo Telework Scheme – this scheme will provide aid to employers, based and registered in Malta, to offer their Gozitan resident employees the facility to work from home should their job-related tasks be equally fulfilled. The scheme is demand driven. Aid will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the annual ceiling and total budget. Complete applications must be submitted by the 30th November 2023.  Teleworking Agreement between the Employer and the Employee must be entered into between 1st January 2021 and 30th November 2023,A maximum grant of €10,000, in the form of a salary refund, shall be spread over a 3-year period. The Employer shall be also eligible to a partial financial reimbursement related to the Technological and Capital investment made. This is a one-time payment, offered for each employee eligible to benefit from this scheme. More information on this scheme can be accessed here.
  • Supporting Business Entities to attend and participate in International Information and Technology Related Events 2021 – This scheme supports digital media enterprises based in Gozo to attend one international internet / digital media technology related event per year. Financial support covers: (a)  economy class air fare ticket; (b) registration costs / participation fees;  and up (c) to the maximum of the 60% of the standard subsistence allowance cost to cover for bed and breakfast accommodation.  Applications must be made by not later  than the 31st July 2021.  More information on this scheme can be accessed here.
  • Supporting Marketing Initiatives for Specific Niche Markets in Gozo. This initiative covers eligible expenditure for advertising in publications/ social media / on-line / television targeted to a foreign audience and  where  Gozo  is  clearly  communicated  as  a  holiday  destination  and/or  participation  in international   fairs/events   abroad   with   the   objective   of   promoting   Gozo   as   a   holiday destination.  More information on this scheme can be accessed here .  Applications by not later than the 31st July 2021.


Disclaimer: This information is based on the Gozo Business Chamber’s research and awareness on the subject matter. The Gozo Business Chamber does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of the information presented here. It is suggested that you access the link presented next to each scheme, and to contact the respective entity prior to undertaking any action, so as to ascertain the eligibility of your business entity for particular refunds under each scheme.