The Cork Business Expo is a networking and connections event for businesses with a focus on developing relationships between businesses and also focusing on countries promoting their opportunities in Cork. The Gozo Business Chamber decided to attend the event following the invitation recieved through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the ambassador of Malta to the Republic of Ireland.

On the 18th October an informal meeting was held with H.E Maltese Ambassador for Republic for Ireland (Leonard Sacco) and the Hon. Maltese Consul for Cork (John Minihan). Later in the afternoon a presentation was delivered by Dr Jonathan Mintoff to those present at the EXPO to give a brief overview of the work carried out by the GBC and the current and envisioned projects in the island of Gozo. Following these, three additional cordial meetings were held with: i) Cork Chamber (Ms. Margaret Kelly), ii) Cork Business Association (Mr. Laurence Owens), & iii) Little Island Business Association (Mr. Michael Mulcahy & Mr. Kieran Barry). Ms. Kathlene Walsh (from Cork Airport) and His Lord Mayor of Cork also visited the Maltese Embassy stand (where GBC had the allocated spaceOn a general note all meetings proved beneficial for GBC, and are definitely the stepping stone for future collaboration between these organisations and the GBC.

On the 18th October Dr Jonathan Mintoff and Ms Marie Grech visited shortly Little Island (part of Cork) to better understand how this area (on the suburb of Cork was developed and although only having 1,000 inhabitants it provides jobs for 13,000. Representatives from the Little Island Business Association explained how this area was developed and became a success.