The Malta Business Weekly interviewed the CEO of the Chamber, Mr Daniel Borg about the impact of the Santa Marija weekend in Gozo, and where the island can go from here.

When asked whether the Santa Marija weekend was what businesses had anticipated in Gozo, Mr Borg explained that given the current situation and scenario, business was as expected.  Numbers have increased slightly over 2020, but numbers need to be put into perspective. He also highlighted that there were no specific festivities and events.

Mr Borg was also asked whether businesses are seeing a direct positive impact as a result of the new round of government vouchers. He explained that any initiative which stimulates demand, has a positive impact in increasing or sustaining demand in the short term. Given the current situation, such stimuli ensure that the demand is sustained during a period of uncertainty which all strata of society are experiencing. However, Mr Borg explained that the challenge that we will be facing in the upcoming period is to start restoring confidence in the tourism sector so as to ensure a rebound in foreign inbound tourism.

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