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Current and non-members of The Gozo Business Chamber are permitted to reprint articles and information from gozobusinesschamber.org, subject to the following conditions:

- Reprint permission is granted for one-time rights only.

- Any use of the above-referenced articles, other copyrighted material, or any portion thereof will be a true and exact reproduction of the text in English and an accurate translation. Separate permission is required for reuse of photographs and graphics.

- The reprinted material is not to be presented in any form that would create the impression that The Gozo Business Chamber supports or endorses any individual, company or organization, its products, or the theories and conclusions espoused in a publication.

- Copies should include the following credit line: Reprinted by permission, gozobusinesschamber.org, (month) (year). Copyright (year), The Gozo Business Chamber.

This notice applies only to material appearing on The Gozo Business Chamber web site, not links to Third Parties. In addition, requests to reprint articles by Third Parties must be addressed to those entities.

Questions should be addressed to The Gozo Business Chamber through the means provided in our 'Contact' page or on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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